Nav-Aids Pitot Static Test Adaptors and air data accessories kits for civil & transport  aircraft

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Pitot Static Test Equipment and RVSM Air Data Accessories Kits

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Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft: Airbus A-300 & A-310 ***
 Category: Civil & Transport


Pitot Test Adaptor : P63307M1 - 4

Pitot Probe Part No. : 45.000 / C16254AA

Static Test Adaptor : SS31003-4-4 (Bar type)

Blanking Adaptor :

Misc Adaptors : S31082-4 (Bar type)

Pitot Pre-Test Probe : 300-1110

Air Data Accessories Kit RVSM : ADA310-946

Pitot Cover : PC993-20SB

Seal Kit : SK307M1

Seal and Spacer Kit : SSK307M1

Lubricating Fluid : LF5050

Airbus A300 & A310 ***

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Combined Air Data Accessories Kits

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