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Welcome to Nav-Aids Ltd.

The industry leading manufacturer of pitot static test equipment.

Approved by virtually all aircraft manufacturers, our products have been trusted for more than 55 years.


"The Right Product - In The Right Place - At The Right Time; 
Empowered by our Innovative Forward Thinking & Continuous Improvement Philosophy"

ISO9001: 2015 Certified    Cage Code: 38002

5 year warranty

Free Overnight Shipping and Clearance to the USA On Orders Over $1000

Interesting article on storage and back to service concerns

specific to pitot static systems.


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Brookfield, Connecticut

Peter Moores, Managing Director

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Technical Information Guide for Nav-Aids Ltd. Products

Seal Replacement Procedure for Pitot Static Test Adaptors

Seal Exchange Tool Kit Description

High Temperature Pitot Probe Covers


Nav-Aids Ltd. Air Data Accessories Kits contain all adaptors and hoses required to enable the connection of all static main and standby positions either individually or simultaneously as required.

See what is in one of our Air Data Accessories Kits

Airbus A-319, A-320, A-321 RVSM Air Data Accessories Kit

Airbus A-380 RVSM Air Data Accessories Kit

Boeing 787 Air Data Accessories Kit

CASA 235 / CASA 295

For exact air data test procedures for each aircraft type, please refer to the Aircraft Manufacture's Maintenance Manual.

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