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Definition and History

Pitot, Henri

b. May 3, 1695, Aramon, Fr.
d. Dec. 27, 1771, Aramon

French hydraulic engineer and inventor of the pitot tube, which measures flow velocity.

Beginning his career as a mathematician and astronomer, Pitot won election to the Academy of Sciences in 1724. He became interested in the problem of flow of water in rivers and canals and discovered that much contemporary theory was erroneous--for example, the idea that the velocity of flowing water increased with depth. He devised a tube, with an opening facing the flow, that provided a convenient and reasonably accurate measurement of flow velocity and that has found wide application ever since (e.g., in anemometers for measuring wind speed). Appointed chief engineer for Languedoc, he performed a variety of maintenance and construction works on canals, bridges, and drainage projects. His major work was construction of an aqueduct for the city of Montpellier (1753-86), including a stone-arch Roman-type section a kilometre (more than 1/2 mile) in length.

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