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Static Pressure

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Static Pressure

The force of the wind speed against the open-end (area) of the pitot-static probe creates a differential pressure (measured in inches of water).  The Differential Pressure Transducer (DPT) is connected to the pitot-static probe via tubing and hose.  The tubing is insulated and wrapped with a heat tape system to prevent freezing should any moisture enter the system. 

Theory of Operation

A pitot-static probe is one of the simplest devices (the probe itself has no moving parts) for measuring air flow at a specific point. The static portion of the probe measures the ambient air pressure in the air flow.  Static pressure is measured via the orifice holes (located on the probe surface ) in the probe which are positioned parallel to the air flow direction when the probe is directed into the air stream. The static pressure is transmitted to the DPT (low pressure input port) via the system piping.

The pitot probe measures the total pressure (static pressure + dynamic pressure) caused by the air flow coming to a halt at the opening of the pitot probe (the pressure builds up at the tip of the pitot probe because there is no air flow through the pitot probe).  The total pressure is transmitted to the differential pressure (d/p) transducer (high pressure input port) via the system piping. 

When air flow is directed at the open end of the pitot-static probe a differential pressure is developed between the total and static pressures. The differential pressure developed is measured in inches of water.  The differential pressure signal is generally a small differential pressure in relation to the magnitude of the wind speed (e.g., a 50 mph wind will produce a d/p of ~1.4 inches of water). The differential pressure is sensed by the DPT. 

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