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Pitot Static Test Equipment and RVSM Air Data Accessories Kits

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Air Data Products 

Airbus - A-319 / A-320 / A-321

RVSM Air Data Accessories Kit

Approved by: Airbus Industries


Air Data Products

Model ADA320-723 - Air Data Accessories Kit (Bar type)


Pitot Adaptor (2) 

P/N P99320M1-4C

This pitot adaptor has been designed to fit pitot probe P/N 50620. Two seal pads on extension arms close the drain holes on the pitot tube. The adaptor is fitted with quick disconnect fittings.

Pitot Adaptor for Airbus Industries A320, A319, A321 (11267 bytes)

Pre-Test Probe (2) 

P/N PT19932

This unit is used when it is necessary to verify the integrity of the pitot adaptor, hoses and air data tester. The probe is inserted into the pitot adaptor and pneumatic pressure applied to check for leaks.

Air Data Accessories Kit for Airbus Industries A320, A319, A321 (9843 bytes)

Main Static Port Test Adaptor (1) 

P/N SS32092-4

This bar type adaptor provides a connecting seal for the two main static ports and is applied to the aircraft fuselage, using the two studs to attach the unit to the fuselage on the left side of the aircraft. After use, the storage position in the case serves as a pre-test assembly to verify the integrity of the adaptor, hoses and the air data tester.

The A319, A320, A321 air data system employs electrical transducers inside the main static ports. Therefore the opposite static port does not require a blanking adaptor.

Static Test Adaptor for Airbus Industries A320, A319, A321 (10377 bytes)

Alternate Static Test Adaptor (1) 

P/N S32084M1-4

This bar type adaptor provides a connecting seal to the alternate static port located in the nose area of the aircraft. It is applied to the aircraft using the two anchor nuts on the fuselage above and below the alternate static port.


Air Data Accessories Kit for Airbus Industries A-320, A-319, A-321 (11823 bytes)



Alternate Static Blanking Adaptor (1) 

P/N 33410ABB-125

This unit is used to cover the alternate static port on the opposite side of the aircraft. This hermetically seals the alternate static system, as it does not employ electrical transducers inside the static ports.

Air Data Accessories Kit for Airbus Industries A320, A319, A321 (15924 bytes)

Lubricating Fluid (1) 

P/N LF5050

This fluid is used to lubricate the glands of the pitot test adaptors.

It is recommended that a small amount be placed on the probe before adaptors are installed on the aircraft. The lubricating fluid will ensure smooth adaptor installation on to the pitot tube and will keep the seals moist.



Seal Kit (2) 

P/N SK320

Two sets of spare seals for the pitot adaptors are stowed in the case.

Air Data Accessories Kit for Airbus Industries A320, A319, A321 (16879 bytes)

Pitot Test Hose Assembly (1)

P/N 320-7270X

This hose assembly consists of three hoses and is connected to each pitot tube and the air data tester. Double acting quick disconnect fittings allow the connection of a single pitot adaptor when desired. The quick disconnect fittings are self sealing when not connected.

Static Test Hose Assembly (1)

P/N 320-5160X

This hose assembly connects the static test adaptors to the air data test set. Double acting quick disconnects are incorporated into each leg of the hose assembly. This permits connection to one or two static test adaptors. This hose is also used to connect the air data tester to the alternate static adaptor.

Manual (1)

P/N 444-320-723

An instruction manual with parts list is supplied with each Air Data Accessories Kit.

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