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Pitot Static Test Adapters

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Reprinted from the August 2005 AVIONICS magazine


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For more than 50 years, Montreal's Nav-Aids Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing pitot and static test adaptors for most of the world's aircraft and helicopters, including those used for civil, commuter, corporate and military operations-even for the Space Shuttle. In that time, Nav-Aids' products have gained a reputation for quality and reliability at aircraft manufacturers, airlines, military facilities and service centers everywhere.

"In order to insure that our products are designed to meet the real needs of technicians in the field, Nav-Aids Ltd. works hand in hand with aircraft manufacturers to supply test equipment that is user-friendly, reliable and aircraft manufacturer approved," says Brent D. Gilday, Nav-Aids' president. John Gilday Sr. founded Nav-Aids in 1962. Since then, the Gilday family has owned and operated the company.

"Not only do we provide the required test adaptors and air data accessories kits for aircraft ranging from general aviation to space vehicles, we also are at the forefront of the design and manufacture of such products for UAVs [unmanned air vehicles] and missile defense," Gilday adds.

Today's pitot probes come in many shapes and configurations, and Nav-Aids Ltd. designs adaptors that ensure easy installation and leak-free operation. In fact, "installation and removal of our adaptors takes only seconds," Gilday says. The pitot test adaptor body is of solid, uni-body construction, with no metal-to-metal contact that could damage a probe. Meanwhile, seals and spacers inside the pitot probe body ensure a leak-free connection and are easily exchanged without the use of special tools. Optional high temperature-resistant seals and spacers can be installed on request.

All Nav-Aids Ltd. pitot probe adaptors feature drain hole covers to eliminate the need for tape, putty or glue. "Remove Before Flight" streamers are standard on all units. "Many of today's probes also perform static and AOA [angle of attack] pressure sensing," says Gilday. "Where required, our adaptors accommodate the testing of all systems on the probe."

Nav-Aids' air data accessories kits include all the tools required to connect the air data tester (ADT) to the aircraft. Each kit is aircraft-specific and contains not only all of the hoses and adaptors required, but also provides the means for testing the integrity of the ADT, adaptors and hose assemblies prior to being fitted to the aircraft. As well, all kits contain spare seals, lubricating fluid if required, and manuals that feature complete parts breakdowns for servicing or replacement. All air data accessories kits are contained in sturdy aluminum cases complete with dunnage to receive all components in an orderly fashion. Kits designated for reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) contain all of the tools and hose assemblies required to connect all pitot and static systems simultaneously.

"Overall, our products are manufactured to the highest standards by skilled technicians in our state-of-the-art facility and are unrivaled in quality and simplicity of design," says Brent Gilday. "Nav-Aids Ltd. is also ISO certified, ensuring our customers a consistent product quality, uniformly tested and certified. We guarantee our products without reservation."


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