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Nav-Aids of Montreal is the manufacturer of Nav-Aids Pitot / Static Test Adaptors, Air Data Accessories Kits, Pitot and Static Dust Covers, as well as Air Data Test Sets for specific aircraft. All of our test adaptors and kits are manufactured to the highest standards given by Aircraft Manufacturers, Pitot / Static Probe manufacturers, Military and Civil Aviation Authorities and are guaranteed to be leak-proof to 95,000 feet test altitude. Air Data Accessories Kits meet RVSM requirements where applicable.

Aircraft pitot tubes come in many shapes and configurations. Nav-Aids in conjunction with the aircraft and pitot tube manufacturers, design and test adaptors to ensure easy installation and leak free operation. Installation and removal of our adaptors takes only seconds.
The pitot test adaptor body is of solid uni-body construction. There is no metal to metal contact between pitot tube and test adaptor. Seals and spacers inside the adaptor body ensure a leak free connection. They are easily exchanged without special tools. Optional high temperature seals and spacers can be installed on request. A "Remove Before Flight" streamer is standard on all test adaptors.
Some pitot tubes also perform static pressure sensing. When required, our adaptors accommodate the testing of all static systems on the pitot tube.
The covering of drain holes is always accommodated by the test adaptor, in order to prevent the use of tape.
Test hose connections are standard AN fittings, but soft tube fittings and assorted quick disconnect fittings are available. (see fitting sizes below)

The pre-testers are employed to verify the integrity of the pitot test adaptor, hoses and air data test set prior to connection to the aircraft. The probe is inserted into the pitot test adaptor while connected to the hose and air data test set, By applying pneumatic pressure, the entire assembly is checked for leakage.

These provide a connecting seal at static ports of the aircraft. The means of attachment depends on the aircraft type.
For some aircraft, the static test adaptor is attached to the aircraft fuselage by means of two studs that are screwed into the anchor nuts provided on the aircraft above and below each static port.
For other aircraft, for example where pepper pot type static ports are installed, Nav-Aids has developed a test adaptor that employs the center hole of the static port for attachment. The adaptor is attached by depressing a plunger and inserting a mandrill into the center hole of the static port.
There are other types of attachment systems, depending on the physical design of the static port.
All other static test adaptors have a means of self-testing.

These units attach to the static port in order to seal off the opposite static port in the static system of the aircraft, thus closing the static system by a safe and clean means. The design and construction of the blanking unit is the same as for the static test adaptor with the exception of the hose fitting.

These test adaptors are used for connecting the air data tester to the dynamic type alpha probes. Their design and function is similar to the pitot test adaptor.

These kits contain all the required test adaptors and hoses to connect the air data test set to the pitot tubes and static ports of the aircraft, for the performance of air data tests on the aircraft type for which the kit is designed.
Also included as standard equipment are pre-test adaptors, seal kits, and lubrication fluid.
Depending on the need additional equipment such as control consoles and suspension arms are a part of the kit.
All are enclosed in high quality transit cases equipped with dunnage.

This kit contains the additional adaptors and hoses required to perform an air data test to the high standard of Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM), as required by the aircraft manufacturer’s maintenance manual.
The RVSM test procedures require the simultaneous connection of all main and stand-by static ports on both sides of the aircraft fuselage. This differs from the standard air data test, where only one static port per system is connected.
The RVSM test procedures also require the simultaneous connection of all pitot tubes.

Our part numbers describe the purpose of the adaptor, as well as the type and size of hose fittings installed.
Sample - Pitot Test Adapter part number: echo "


XXXXXXXXXX - XX - XX - XX (i.e. PSS22300-3-4-4)
Adaptor Type
P = Pitot Adaptor
PS = Pitot / Static Adaptor
PSS = Pitot Dual Static Adaptor
XXXXXXX - Model Number
XX = Pitot Fitting Size and Type
XX = Static #1 Fitting Size and Type
XX = Static #2 Fitting Size and Type

All test adaptors have factory installed hose connection fittings.
When ordering test adaptors please specify the type of fittings.
- 3 = 3/16" AN
- 4 = 1/4" AN
- 4C = 1/4"
- 4H 1/4" Soft Tube Fitting
- 6 = 3/8" AN
- 6C = 3/8"
- 6H = 3/8" Soft Tube Fitting
Quick disconnect fittings can be installed on request.

Test Adaptors contain seals and spacers that can easily be exchanged when burned or worn. Complete sets of seals and / or spacer kits for each type of test adaptor are available directly from Nav-Aids. When ordering seals or spacer kits, simply specify the part number of the test adaptor for which the seals are required.

A drawing delivered with each test adaptor contains a list of all available parts, including seal and seal / spacer kit. Please specify the appropriate part number listed in the drawing.

This fluid is used to lubricate the glands of the pitot and static test adaptors. It is recommended that a small amount of fluid be placed on the pitot probe before adaptor is installed on the aircraft. The lubricating fluid will ensure smooth adaptor installation on to the pitot tube and will keep the adaptor seals moist.

Nav-Aids has developed a pitot probe cover that withstands heat generated by inadvertently applying power to the pitot probe with the cover installed. This is accomplished without leaving any residue on the probe, therefore preventing expensive pitot tube replacement.

Available for all aircraft and helicopter types.
Alenia , ATP , ATR , AVRO , BAE , Beechcraft , Bombardier Aerospace , Canadair , Casa , Cessna , Dash 8 , Dassault Aviation , Dassault Falcon , Dornier , Fairchild Dornier , Embraer , Embrear , ERJ , Falcon , Fokker , Galaxy , Gulfstream , Hawker , Jetstream , JSF , Kaman , Katana , Korean Aerospace T-50 , Learjet , Metroliner , Piaggio , Piper Aircraft , Robin , Raytheon , Sabreliner , Saab , Shorts , Sino Swearingen , Socata , TB , Twin Otter , Turbo Commander , Westwind , Airbus , Boeing , DC , Lockheed Martin , MD , McDonell Douglas , Aerospatiale , Eurocopter , Bell Textron , Bell Augusta , GKN Westland Helicopters , Sikorsky Aircraft

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